European castles and history 3 countries within 9 days

During your stay you will visit Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria.

Days Programme
1 Day Transfer from Vienna to hotel in Bratislava. After the check in, you will go for a 2 hour evening excursion (Guide will tell you about the history of the town and about its legends, which can be really scary sometimes.
2 Day Red stone castle tour (This tour includes visit of castle from 16th century. In the castle you will be pleased by unique exhibition of furniture from renaissance to secession. The most interesting point is wine cellar, which is the biggest in central Europe. You will also visit factory of majolika (traditional Slovak ceramics). After that you can choose if you want to taste Slovak wine or honey wine.
3 Day Medieval fairy tale. (You will visit Bojnice castle, which is one of the most beautiful in Slovakia. It looks like from the Cinderella Fairy Tale Lake, swans, park. After that you will have a look at Trencin fortress.)
4 Day Excursion to Valtice and Lednice, night at Prague. 4th day you will spend in Czech Republic. Valtice and Lednice castles are two beautiful castles with a small surprise in the end. After excursion you will head to Prague.
5 Day Prague excursion. In the evening transfer to Vienna.
6 Day Vienna excursion (You will see the historical center and Schonbrunn castle, where used to live Empress Maria Theresa of Austria). In the evening transfer to Bratislava.
7 Day Bratislava castle, Devin castle- a lot of important events took place at these castles. After that you will visit Schlosshoff palace- Prince Eugene of Savoy used to live there.
8 Day Shopping at Pandorf (outlet shopping). Transfer to airport.

Price includes: entrance fees to castles, Chinese guide, bus transfer and accommodation with breakfast. Price is valid for a group of 25 people and more.


02.01.-31.03. 01.05.-30.06.,
DBL/Person SGL DBL/Person SGL DBL/Person SGL
Price hotel 3* 609 756 625 810 625 810
Price hotel 4* 687 850 726 947 722 940